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Steve McQueen's "Small Axe"

  Thursday 9th December | 5.30-7.00pm | Parkinson building B.08 & Zoom We are very pleased to announce that for our last meeting of the calendar year we will be 'reading' an episode from Steve McQueen's widely celebrated series Small Axe.  We will be watching the 'Alex Wheatle' episode in which McQueen details the true story of award-winning writer Alex Wheatle. The episode explores Wheatle's younger life including the time he spent in prison during the Brixton uprising of 1981.  The episode can be found on BBC iPlayer here We will deliver this meeting in a hybrid format over  Zoom and on campus in the Parkinson Building, seminar room B.08.  To join us online for this meeting and to receive a reminder about the session  please email Ghada at to be added to the mailing list, through which you will receive the Zoom link. 

"Paul Gilroy: Freedom Struggles" and "Black Lives Matter but slavery isn’t our only narrative"

  Thursday 18th November   | 5.30pm-7.00pm | Zoom/  Business School Maurice Keyworth SR (1.33)  We're pleased to announce that our third meeting of the year will pair Surviving Society 's Podcast " Paul Gilroy: Freedom Struggles " and an interview between Aretha Phiri and Michelle M Wright "Black Lives Matter but slavery isn’t our only narrative" . " Paul Gilroy: Freedom Struggles" focuses on the discussion of two of Gilroy’s most known texts Black Atlantic: Modernity and Double-Consciousness (1993); and Between Camps: Nations, Cultures and the Allure of Race (2004). This episode of Surviving Society challenges the idea of ‘generic blackness’ in the configuration of plural communities and contemporary black identities."Paul Gilroy: Freedom Struggles" also explores the role which technology plays in the creation of archives. It also addresses the presence of intergenerational gaps which illustrate how different generations have a uniqu