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Quilting Points: Reading Benjamin 6th of November

Quilting Points: Reading Benjamin will meet: Wednesday 6th November, 3.30pm, The Alumni Room, School of English (House 10) We shall be discussing two texts: Benjamin's Theses on the Concept of History (especially Theses I - IX) Giorgio Agamben's essay 'Walter Benjamin and the Demonic: Happiness and Historical Redemption' [For a copy, please contact Stefan Skrimshire or ] The discussion will be introduced by Catalin Taranu (School of History)

Play: Hilda & Freud - The Freud Museum in London - 12 to 16 Nov 2013

Dear all, On behalf of our colleague Silvana De Paula, we would like to draw your attention to the play "Hilda & Freud", written and directed by Antonio Quinet, a  Brazilian psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and philosopher (Paris VIII), who is very well acknowledged in Brazil for his clinical work and for his contributions to the lacanian field through  the publication of his own  books as well as for  his translations of Lacan's.  Quinet studied and worked with Lacan for many years. In the last 10 years or more,  he has also worked with theater, and his plays have been also well received.  One of them, "La leçon de Charcot", was staged in Paris  a couple of weeks ago by invitation of the  International Colloquium La Salpêtrière: un théatre de l'hystérie - Charcot, Freud, Lacan", at the 120th anniversary of Charcot's death. "Hilda & Freud" will be staged  in English at the Freud Museum i

Reading Benjamin: 'On the Theory of Knowledge, Theory of Progress'

You are warmly invited to join us for the next meeting of Quilting Points: Reading Benjamin on the 23rd of October at 3.30 pm. This week we will meet in Seminar Room 6 (School of English, House 9). We will be reading Benjamin's 'On  the Theory of Knowledge, Theory of Progress' . For an accompanying reading, following Layla's advice, we suggest Rolf Tiedmann's 'Dialectics at Standstill.' If you would like a copy of the text, please contact the organisers at . The reading group is generously supported by the LHRI. If you are interested in introducing one of the texts in the future, please contact the organisers.

Reading Benjamin: The Life of Students

You are cordially invited to the first meeting of this reading group Reading Benjamin dedicated to critical and cultural theory across the disciplines. Wednesday 9th October, 3.30pm, The Alumni Room, School of English, University of Leeds We shall be reading Benjamin's 'The Life of Students' ( ) - a pertinent little piece for the start of term, and a feisty little introduction to his wider thought on History. We'll also be discussing the remaining programme of texts for the semester.