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Foucault contra Hall: What is critique?

When : 4:30pm Thursday 24th March Where : LHRI Seminar Room 2, 29–31 Clarendon Place ( map ) Main Text 1 : Foucault (1970) What is critique? ( download ) Main Text 2 : Kendall & Wickham (1999) Using Foucault's methods (short extract) ( download ) Supplementary Text : Hall (1988) The toad in the garden ( download ) The Quilting Points reading group continues reading Stuart Hall through the theorists who informed his thought. In this session we will look at Hall's reading of Foucault, but rather than heap praise on either we will look to the tensions between them. In the first text, Foucault sets out his understanding of critique; where it came from, what it is made of, and why it is valuable. In the second text—a short extract—Foucauldian scholars Kendall & Wickham take Hall to task on his interpretation of Foucault and his use in cultural studies. In the supplementary text, Hall points to what he sees as weaknesses in Foucault's treatment of the State

Blind Justice & Blinding Crime: Thinking with Stuart Hall

Blind Justice & Blinding Crime Thinking with Stuart Hall Nisha Kapoor 4:30pm, 10th of March 2016 (LHRI Seminar Room 1, 21–31 Clarendon Place) All are invited to attend the first Quilting Points Research Seminar, in which we will explore the relationship between race and representation in the 21st century. Our special guest speaker Nisha Kapoor is Lecturer in Sociology at the University of York. Nisha’s research is focused on critical race theory and the racial state, as well as racial neoliberalism and the War on Terror. Nisha is visiting Leeds to present her ongoing research on the theme of Extradition, Racism, Rights, and Resistance in Terrorising Times, and linking it with Stuart Hall's work on race, crime and representation in Policing the Crisis. We look forward to seeing you there.