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'The Hedgehog and Lord Brown: The "To Come" of the Humanities' by Dr Maebh Long (an update)

The paper presented by our speaker, Dr Maebh Long, has been published by the journal World Picture in their issue entitled 'Sustainability'. The essay can be found here . We encourage you all to read it.

Quilting Points Meeting: Agusto Boal's 'Theatre of the Oppressed'

The reading group will be meeting at 17.15 on Tuesday the 5th of April to discuss Agusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed , to follow on from our reflections on spectator and spectacle at the Guy Debord meeting. The main text will be Frances Babbage's second chapter from Agusto Boal , 'Theatre of the Oppressed'. The discussion will be led by Katie Elphick, who will give a brief introduction to Boal and the chapter. The book is accessible online through the Leeds library, and through Venue: Seminar Room 5. Hope to see you there. The Link is here . The Press about Babbage's Agusto Boal : This useful study combines: a biographical and historical overview of Boal 's career as playwright and director in-depth analysis of Boal 's classic text on radical theatre, The Theatre of the Oppressed exploration of training and production techniques practical guidance to Boal 's workshop methods.

Quilting Points Meeting: Blanchot's Reflections on Nihilism from The Infinite Conversation Tuesday 15th of March

The next Quilting Points Reading Group Meeting will be on Tuesday the 15th of March at 5.15 pm in the Douglas Jefferson Room of the School of English. We will be reading Maurice Blanchot's three essays on Nietzsche from The Infinite Conversation . No familiarity with Nietzsche is required. If you would like copies of the text, please email Please also remember Dr Maebh Long will be presenting a paper entitled "The Hedgehog and Lord Browne: the "to come" of the Humanities" at a combined Critical and Cultural Theory Group and Quilting Points Seminar next week, Thursday 10th of March at 5.30 pm, also in the Douglas Jefferson Room of the School of English. All are welcome to both events.