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James Joyce Seminar: David Vichnar (Birkbeck) on Wednesday 2nd of May at 5.15pm

David Vichnar will be giving the seminar "Reading Joyce Reading Theory - From the beginning" in Seminar Room 5 of the School of English on Wednesday the 2nd of May at 5.15pm. This seminar is organized by the Quilting Points and James Joyce Reading Groups. Some wine will be served and all are welcome. The abstract is given below. "READING JOYCE READING THEORY - FROM THE BEGINNING" (Abstract) The seminar will focus on the first three stories from Joyce's Dubliners ("The Sisters," "An Encounter" and "Araby"). The paper examines Joyce´s "signature" (as theorised by Derrida), specifically the seemingly contrary effects of Joyce´s writing which in Derrida´s words, "pushes us to the limit" and "compels us to ask what a literary text is and what we should do with it." The discussion will analyse the readiness with which theoretical frameworks can be said to apply to Joyce´s texts by dealing with some of th