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The 'to come' in post 9/11 British cinema: Sally Potter's "Yes"

We are happy to announce a Quilting Points Seminar will take place at 5:30 on Monday 9th May 2011 in the Douglas Jefferson Room at the School of English, University of Leeds. Dr Natalie Diebschlag (Leeds) will be presenting a paper entitled "The 'to come' in post 9/11 British Cinema: Sally Potter's Yes ". All are welcome.   The to come in post 9/11 British cinema: Sally Potter's Yes Written in immediate response to 9/11 and released in the UK shortly after the London bombings in 2005, Sally Potter's film Yes portrays the romantic encounter between a Lebanese surgeon and an Irish-American embryologist in London, Beirut and Cuba. Yes is a statement of hope and a plea for unconditional hospitality which avoids didactic undertones and instead dazzles by its stylised use of language and its unconventional cinematography: the dialogues are written in iambic pentametre and the visual grammar evokes the Joycean stream-of-consciousness. Framed within Jacques Der