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James Joyce Reading Group 2011-12

      The James Joyce Reading Group in the School of English will be starting off again this semester for 2011-12 in a somewhat different form in response to a number of requests to offer an informal forum for the reading and discussion of Finnegans Wake. We’ll be meeting on the first Monday of the month during term time from 5.00 to 6.30 pm in the Douglas Jefferson Room of the School of English (except for a meeting on October 31 st   instead of November 7 th ).      The first meeting will be Monday 3 rd October.         The plan is to begin with Book Three Chapter Four, starting on page 555 with the line “What was thaas?” and to attempt to get through the whole of that chapter during the year or as much as we can of it. All are welcome whether experienced and confident readers of the Wake or bemused/enthusiastic newcomers.   I’ll bring along Douglas Jefferson’s personal copy to start us off at the first meeting.      Readers completely new to the novel will find helpf
We are happy to invite all interested parties to attend the first meeting of the 2011/2012 Academic Year. The meeting will be in the Douglas Jefferson Room of the School of English at 5.15 on Wednesday the 5th of October. The text under discussion will be Maurice Blanchot's review of Samuel Beckett's "The Unnameable". A short introduction to Blanchot's work and its relation to Samuel Beckett's writing will be followed by a general discussion of the value of the review as a theoretical piece in its own right. Some wine will be served and people are welcome to bring their own.  For a pdf copy of the review or for general comments or expressions of interest (in introducing a thinker or presenting at our seminar series), please contact us: