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1: Introducing Julia Kristeva

2 Oct | 5.00-6.30pm | Seminar Room 1, 3:01, Clothworkers South Building For our first session of the year we will discuss the trajectory of Julia Kristeva's academic and political career, as represented in her own words in 'My Memory's Hyperbole' (1984). In this autobiographical essay, Kristeva charts her entry into the francophone intelligentsia, her experiences with the Tel Quel  group, her engagement with radical politics in France, her 1974 trip to China, and her turn towards America. In addition, we will also discuss Toril Moi's introduction to French feminist theory and her exposition of Kristeva's work, as found in Sexual/Textual Politics  (1985). All are welcome, and as always discussion will continue in the pub following the session.

Reading Julia Kristeva 2019-20

Quilting Points 2019-20: Reading Julia Kristeva We are pleased to announce the return of Quilting Points, at interdisciplinary critical and cultural theory reading group at the University of Leeds, for its eight consecutive year. The directors for this year are Sam Ross (School of PRHS), Izzy Jenkinson (School of English), and Sam Ridout (School of Music). This year we will be reading and reflecting on the work of Bulgarian-French philosopher, cultural theorist, semiotician, psychoanalyst, novelist, and communist spy (!?) Julia Kristeva. In our first session, on the 2nd October, we will read Kristeva's 1984 essay "My Memory's Hyperbole", in which she tracks her own academic and political trajectory, alongside two extracts from Toril Moi's Sexual/Textual Politics  (1985), in which she provides an introduction to French feminist thought and Kristeva's feminist work respectively.