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There Ain't no Black in the Union Jack

Thursday 7th October | 5.30pm-7.00pm | Zoom For our first meeting of the year, we are going to look at Gilroy's seminal 1987 book There Ain't no Black in the Union Jack . We will be reading Chapter two - '"The whisper wakes, the shudder plays": 'race', nation and ethnic absolutism' - pages 43-72 in the first edition.  Gilroy's first book is centered on race and class, and caused uproar when it was first published for accusing politicians and intellectuals on both sides of the political divide of not taking race seriously. He argues that racism is deeply interwoven with nationalism in Britain, and Chapter two focuses on the capacity of racism to link discourses of patriotism, nationalism, xenophobia, Englishness, Britishness, militarism, and gender difference into a complex system that gives 'race' its contemporary meaning. This recent Guardian long-read article and the interview Gilroy gave after receiving the prestigious Holberg Prize i

Reading Paul Gilroy

We are very pleased to announce the return of interdisciplinary critical and cultural theory reading group Quilting Points for its tenth consecutive year!  This year we will be reading and discussing the work of British historian, writer, and academic Paul Gilroy.  Run by postgraduate researchers in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Cultures, your director this year are Ana GarcĂ­a Soriano, Michael Hedges, Ghada Habib, and Evie Lewis.  This year's meetings will take place using a hybrid online and in-person format, with our first meeting of the year being delivered online via Zoom on the 7th of October.  We can't wait to see you all there!