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Feb 25: Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, "Biopolitical Production"

This Wednesday, we will discuss Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri's "Biopolitical Production," a chapter from Empire .  Click here  to download the PDF. We hope to interrogate the ways Hardt and Negri interpret and build upon Foucault's work, so feel free to bring relevant Foucault texts to the discussion. Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt. Wikimedia Commons Quilting Points co-directors, Ryan Topper and Benjamin Chwistek, will introduce the meeting, which will take place from 15:30-17:30 in the Leeds Humanities Research Institute.
February 11th: 'The Malthus Effect: Population and the Liberal Government of Life' In our second meeting of this semester we will be reading Foucault's concepts of biopolitics and biopower through the lens of Mitchell Dean's essay on Malthus and the Liberal Government of Life. The text will be introduced by David Wingate, PhD Student in the School of Earth and Environment. For anyone who did not make our last session, it is recommended (though not required) that you read Foucault's 'Right of Death and Power over Life'. A link to the text can be found in our previous blog post. In addition to the Foucault text, we will be reading Mitchell Dean's essay, which is available here:  ' The Malthus Effect: Population and the Liberal Government of Life' This semester we will be meeting at the slightly later time of 15:30, and will be finishing at 17:30. As before, we will be meeting in the LHRI Seminar Room. As always, all are welcom