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#1: 'Gender and Identity' - 04/10/2018

#1: 'Gender and Identity' 04/10/2018 Thursday 4 October | 5 - 6.30pm | LHRI: Room 1 | All Welcome  F or our first session of the academic year we will be discussing Judith Butler's ideas around gender and identity as explor ed in her essay " Performance Acts and Gender Constitution " and in the " Conclusion " of G ender Trouble . (Pdfs downloadable on links above). In 'Performance Acts and Gender Constitution’ Butler distills her early conception of gender performativity. She advances the idea that gender is a verb not a noun, created through repeated acts. She connects this process to the regulation of a binary gender system which is necessitated and produced by “compulsory heterosexuality.” In the ‘Conclusion’ of Gender Trouble she revisits these arguments in relation to subjectivity, identity politics and agency.  We look forward to hearing your ideas! Thursday 4 October | 5 - 6.30pm | Leeds Humanities Research Institute, 29 - 31 Cla

Reading Judith Butler

Quilting Points returns for its seventh consecutive year with a new focus on Judith Butler. We are very pleased to announce the return of Quilting Points, an interdisciplinary critical and cultural theory reading group based at the University of Leeds. This year, we will be conducting a year-long discussion on the work of Judith Butler. Since the publication of her first two monographs, Subjects of Desire (1987) and Gender Trouble (1990), Butler’s theories on gender and identity, and power and language, are now widely recognised as cornerstones in the development of contemporary critical theory and philosophy . While Butler’s most notable impact has been in the fields of gender studies, feminist theory, queer theory, and ethics studies, there are few areas in the Humanities left untouched by her work. From her foundational notion of gender performativity to her recent and ongoing work on precarity, Butler’s intellectual range is both established and continually evolving. Ove