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Screening Event: 'The Big Pride' (1961)

Tuesday 13th June | 17:30 - 19:00 | Room 3.01, Clothworkers South We look forward to welcoming you to our next session in which we will be screening The Big Pride   (1961), a television drama written by Sylvia Wynter and her then-husband, Guyana-born writer Jan Carew. Originally written as a BBC radio play, in 1961 Wynter and Carew were commissioned to adapt the play (originally titled The University of Hunger ) for ITV's Drama '61 anthology series.   Johnny Sekka and William Marshall in The Big Pride (1961) Based on real events, The Big Pride is about three escaped convicts in British Guyana attempting to escape not only 'their past but the harsh reality of their lives'. Almost entirely forgotten until it was discovered and restored by the British Film Institute in the 1990s, The Big Pride is described by writer and historian Stephen Bourne as 'a unique visual record of the work of two important dramatists'. While our discussion will be focused on the film,