What is this "black" in black popular culture?

When: 3:30–5:30pm, Thursday 22nd October
Where: LHRI Seminar Room 1, 29–31 Clarendon Place (map)
Main Text: Hall (1993) What is this "black" in black popular culture? (download)
Supplementary Text: Stuart Hall: race, the floating signifier (1997) (Video here, here, or here) (transcript)

The Quilting Points reading group continues reading Stuart Hall with his 1993 paper 'What is this "black" in black popular culture?' As a supplementary text we have Hall's 1997 video lecture 'Race: the floating signifier', a brilliantly clear and engaging lecture which comes highly recommended. As always, everyone is welcome to attend, regardless of discipline or department.

We look forward to seeing you there.



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