Welcome to the Quilting Points reading group 2015/16

Time: 3:30–5:30pm
Date: Thursday 8th October 2015
Venue: SR01, Leeds Humanities Research Institute, 29–31 Clarendon Place (campus map)
Main Text: Hall (2011) The neo-liberal revolution (download)
Supplementary Text: Hall & O'Shea (2013) Common-sense neoliberalism (download)

Each year Quilting Points conducts a close and critical reading of an influential thinker, examining a number of texts and fostering interdisciplinary critique. Everyone is welcome to attend, regardless of discipline or background, and all are invited to join the discussion.

This year we take the work of Stuart Hall: cultural theorist, sociologist, public intellectual, and figurehead of British cultural studies. Over the course of the semester we will cover a cross section of Hall’s corpus, beginning with his last peer-reviewed article ‘The neo-liberal revolution’ (2011).

We will also provide supplementary texts in the form of interviews, video lectures, and documentaries, which enhance our understanding of the main reading. The supplementary texts are not essential, but are available to those who are interested. The first of these is an interview with Hall titled ‘Common-sense neoliberalism’ (2013).

Quilting Points will meet every second Thursday. We look forward to seeing you there!



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