3: Let's Get Semiotic

6 Nov | 5.00-6.30pm | Seminar Room 1, 3:01, Clothworkers South Building

For our third session of the year, we will be reading a selection of extracts from Revolution in Poetic Language (1984) [the reading is pages 1-53 of the pdf, the rest is translator's notes], the English translation of La révolution du langage poétique (1974). This reading will build upon the discussion in our last session, as we consider in greater detail Kristeva's theorisation of the semiotic and the symbolic, the chora, the thetic function, mimesis, and the semiotic component of poetic language. This week we won't be reading any secondary literature, allowing us time to get into the real nitty gritty of Kristeva's thought.

As always, all are welcome and discussion will continue in the pub following the session.


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