#7 – 02/02/2017: On Revolution

'In a constellation that poses the threat of total annihilation through war against the hope for emancipation of all mankind through revolution [...] no cause is left but the most ancient of all [...] the cause of freedom versus tyranny.’

Hannah Arendt, On Revolution

In our next session we'll be grappling with "The Meaning of Revolution". We'll explore Arendt's challenge to the Marxist idealisation of the French Revolution, and her argument that we should take inspiration from America instead. Here, Arendt brings her conceptions of freedom and political action to bear, and proposes revolutionary constitutionalism as the means for emancipation. Is this the answer to the question, 'what happens the day after the revolution'? 

Where? LHRI, Seminar room 1
When? Thursday, 2nd Feburary, 5-7pm
Primary reading: "The Meaning of Revolution", from On Revolution. PDF here.


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