Finnegans Wake Reading Group: 31st October

Following on from our successful first meeting and, as previously announced, the next meeting of the new James Joyce Finnegans Wake Reading Group will be on Monday 31st October from 5.00 to 6.30 pm in the Douglas Jefferson Room of the School of English.
     We’ll be resuming on page 558 line 33 “Where are we at all? And whenabouts in the name of space?” and proceeding to page 562 or thereabouts.  
     Readers completely new to the Finnegans Wake experience will find helpful brief introductions in the chapter “Finnegans Wake: Novel and Anti-Novel” in A Companion to James Joyce (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011), pages 71-98 and “Finnegans Wake” in James Joyce: A Post-culturalist Perspective (Macmillan-Palgrave, 1992), pp. 98-122.
Richard Brown
Arthur Rose


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